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Run a reading club or group

Learning through song, rhyme and play

IMG_2468What games did you play when you were a child? Do you remember playing with other children from your family and community? Do you remember the fun you had and what you learnt without even realising it?

Resources to help children read: Nal’ibali newspaper supplements

B1Reading clubs across South Africa are sharing with us the ways that they are using the bilingual 

How to get books and reading materials for your reading club

Children learn to read by reading! Although this sounds obvious, we often forget the age-old example: If you plant a seed, you must keep watering it so that it grows into a strong plant. It is the same with reading. Once the seed of reading has been planted, you need to nurture it so that their love of reading grows stronger.

How to start and run a children’s reading group

There is no single correct way of starting or running a reading club.

Running a reading group safely and smartly

Running a reading group safely and smartly

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How to set up small reading clubs

Small reading clubs offer lovely opportunities for in-depth exploration of storie

Reading group activities to keep kids coming back for more

Here are some activities you could offer during a reading club session. You do not need to do all of them each time the reading club meets. Most reading clubs with several children and some volunteers like to do some activities – like games and songs, reading aloud and storytelling – in every session. Choose from the other activities depending on how they link with the books and stories you are sharing with the children and how much time you have available.

Handy guide to reading aloud to groups of children

Reading aloud is an important aspect of children’s literacy learning:

How to organise activities at your reading group

Planning for a reading club session is like creating a map that is your guiding tool – without it you might get lost!

How to plan reading group activities

IMG_0225Reading clubs meet anywhere where there is a quiet space, at any time and for as long as is convenient for them.