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HAVE YOU HEARD? PRAESA, founding partner of Nal’ibali, recently received the IBBY-ASAHI Reading Promotion Award in Mexico. Read on here


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Story of the Month

The boy and the jackal

There was once a young boy who lived on a farm near a village. He lived with his mother, father and sister. Everybody in his family had their own special job to do. His job was to look after the sheep...

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Reading Clubs

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What is a reading club?

Reading clubs, groups and programmes

Big or small, reading clubs and reading groups provide an accessible and enjoyable way to make reading, writing and storytelling part of your home or community. Find out more here...

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Reading club basics

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Nal'ibali Children's Literacy Charter

On World Book Day, April 23 2014, Nal’ibali launched a Children’s Literacy Charter to highlight the range of literacy experiences all children should have to best enable them to learn to read and write. It also serves as a guide for adults, who are their children’s first teachers, to do what they can to put the conditions and resources in place to ensure all children have equal access to their right to become fully literate citizens. Made up of 11 rights to represent the 11 official languages of South Africa, the rights are based on sound evidence from research, input received from the South African public, fellow literacy organisations and experts – as well as from the children, reading club facilitators and volunteers who attend Nal’ibali Reading Clubs across the country.

Download your FREE Charter available in all 11 languages or email to request a poster copy of the Charter.

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