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Thought leadership

Thought leadership

At Nal’ibali we see thought leadership as creating platforms and pathways for learning, knowledge generation, innovation, advocacy and reflection within the literacy ecosystem. These are driven by evidence, insights, research and working models created by players in the ecosystem.

In its thought leadership strategy, Nal’ibali will create platforms where players in the ecosystem can reflect, engage, share and ask critical questions on the outcomes, approaches, learnings and impact both as a collective and as individual contributors towards literacy outcomes in the country. As a result, our strategy will lead to:

  • Coherent interventions
  • Optimised sustainability of impact
  • Increased reach and scale of literacy interventions
  • Innovative approaches and practical solutions
  • Impactful public and private partnerships
  • Refined literacy portfolio strategies  
  • Effective collaborations

Divided into three categories, our work will focus on:

  • Research and advocacy:
    Commissioning and driving research and collecting evidence that leads to advocacy, policy-reform and programme reviews
  • Innovation and efficiency:
    Collating ideas, harnessing new thinking and game-changing approaches
  • Impact measurement:
    Working with players in the literacy ecosystem to develop the impact value chain and measurement tools