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Get involved

There are many ways to get involved with Nal'ibali, find out more!

Get involved

How to help

There are so many different ways to get involved. Starting or supporting a reading club, helping us to supply reading materials, sharing information about Nal’ibali and why reading and telling...

Become a literacy volunteer

Join our passionate literacy volunteers across the country, who give their time telling and reading stories to South African children.

Become an employee volunteer

Employee volunteer programmes give staff the chance to get involved in something big and meaningful. It also allows them to take pride in where they work, and to connect with colleagues on a deeper level. Using...

Invest in a nation of readers

Words, books and stories have strong effects on children, especially those born into poverty. To reach 10% of SA children under five, Nal'ibali needs to raise an additional R75 million per year over the next...

Start a reading club

Are you interested in starting a reading club or become a literacy volunteer? Or maybe you'd just like to get in touch. 

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! Whatever your query is, there are various ways to contact us.