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Some important changes at Nal'ibali 

Nothing is immune to change and as the seasons change, so have we. We will continue to play an instrumental role to drive and support the setting up of reading clubs across South Africa. Our main focus is to work with organisations that want to start reading clubs, those that are already working with children, have safe facilities to run a reading club and are willing to take full ownership of the success of their reading clubs.

Our support will therefore be aimed at two types of partners. Firstly, smaller partner organisations that include community based organisations, small NGOs and under-resourced schools in townships and rural areas. [READ MORE HERESecondly, large partners like government departments, corporate entities and large NGOs [READ MORE HERE]

The Nal'ibali Team

Nal'ibali child protection policy

Children have the following rights: to learn; to have fun; not to be hurt; to be protected from physical, sexual and emotional harm; to speak and be taken seriously; to be treated equally no matter their race, gender, language, religion or other elements of diversity; to privacy. All adults who interact with children as part of Nal’ibali should uphold and promote child protection and children’s rights at all times.

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Nal'ibali personal information protection policy

All Personal Information (name, surname, etc.) that we collect on this website will be processed and held in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act your rights thereunder as well as our Protection of Personal Information Policy. By giving consent, you agree to us processing your Personal Information.  

For more details, please read below. 

Nal'ibali - PAIA Manual: PDF

Nal'ibali - Personal Information Protection Policy: PDF