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Some of our campaigns

This is where Nal’ibali’s work on the ground comes to life, bringing the love of stories to children all over the country.

Some of our campaigns

World Read Aloud Day

We celebrate World Read Aloud Day every year by writing a special story in all 11 SA languages. This story is shared far and wide and we encourage caregivers to read this story to their children on the day.

Story Bosso

South Africa has a rich tradition of oral storytelling. Story Boss saw South Africans nationwide putting their storytelling skills to the test!


In a bid to increase library memberships we partnered with provincial libraries across the country, raising awareness to the benefits of belonging to a local library. People could also sign up online and more than 25,000 were signed up for library cards.

Story Champions

We run quarterly competitions to encourage children to read all the stories in each edition of the Nal’ibali newspaper supplement. Prizes of books in any choice of SA language are given to lucky winners.

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Literacy Month

Literacy day and heritage month is celebrated in September and each year, Nal’ibali is celebrates the rich diversity of culture in South Africa, by reawakening a love of African stories