How to organise activities at your reading group
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How to organise activities at your reading group

Planning for a reading club session is like creating a map that is your guiding tool – without it you might get lost! If you have volunteers in your club, you might want to plan with them. This gives you the opportunity to develop one another’s skills and knowledge.

Planning together…

  • Let’s you talk about the challenges that you came across in your last session, how you managed these challenges and what other solutions might work
  • Allows you time to think about the kinds of activities you can offer during the next session that will motivate the children and grow a love of reading and stories in them
  • Gives you an opportunity to share stories and practise your read-aloud skills
  • Helps you to make good use of the time available in the session
  • Enables you to feel confident about running the session
  • Provides an opportunity to share information, contacts and ideas that will help to grow your club, the volunteers and yourself.

Click here to download the Nal’ibali planning checklist for your next reading club session.