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Use books and the library

How to get kids interested in reading books

Child reading a book in a reading clubWe know that reading lots of books helps to make children better readers.

The value of picture books

Picture books are an imaginative introduction to the world of literature for children,

which plays a critical part in their development.

Five ways to make the most of your community library

When you were growing up were you lucky enough to have a library at your school or near where you lived? Did you ever visit it and use it?

Why is literacy important for children?

child holding a world read aloud day cardAll children deserve the opportunity to learn to use reading and writing meaningfully in their lives – to become literate!

Ten reasons why you and your kids should visit the library

IMG_00131. Help your children be better readers. Research published by the National Literacy Trust shows that young people (aged 8 to 16) who use the library are nearly twice as likely to be abov

Teaching children how to take care of books

Pram Jam (3) (1)Do you feel like your children or the children at your reading club don’t take proper care of the books around them? Books are expensive so it is understandable that we want them to last.

Story Power: How librarians can encourage kids to read

Are you a librarian who wants to share the power of stories and reading with children? Are you looking for ways to get children to visit the library regularly? Here are some ideas that librarians shared with us that will help you do this.

Library Week: Use South African Library Week (in March each year) to encourage children and reading clubs to sign-up as members of the library. Run special events at your library that will attract new members and show everyone what libraries have to offer.

Six quick tips for promoting family and community literacy

Can you imagine seeing people around you reading every day? Adults reading magazines and books on the train or in the taxi on their way to work; children enjoying books from the school library together as they wait for their lifts at the school gate; teenagers glued to the next chapter of a story on their cellphones as they walk down the road, and older people sitting on their front stoep reading the newspaper. And then, of course, reading at home too – family members reading in the morning and at night, together and on their own!

Playing with books to develop children’s literacy skills

Mother sharing a wordless picture book with childHelping young children to develop the ab

What makes a good children’s book?

fairytalesYou can’t discover the joy of reading without having good books to read! And, the more books that children have around them, the more likely they are to pick one to try.