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Use books and the library

Giving books to children as gifts

Rico books copyWhen you next need to give a gift to a child, why not make it a book? When you give a book as a gift, you invest in the future of a child!

Learning about the world through books

afrika-col-1-lores-2Have you noticed how naturally curious children are? Given a chance they will ask question after question!

Familiarising children with books

HookedBooks COVER.inddThe young people of South Africa desperately need books. They need books in order to make friends with the whole idea of books.

Guide to choosing books for children of all ages

Most often younger readers choose a book because they like the illustration on the front cover!

Introducing books to babies and toddlers

Baby reading a book From birth to the age of three, children learn an enormous amount of language – even if they do not talk a lot! So, the more stories and books you read to them, the more language they learn.

Seven tips for talking to children about books

mom reading with babyAlthough it is always wonderful to curl up on your own with a book, talking about what you are reading can be a different kind of “wonderful”!

How to become a good reader

Pile of books including fairytalesThere are so many different stories out there and so many books. How do we know which ones make good stories to read aloud?