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Apply for a Nal'ibali reading club

Are you interested in starting a reading club or become a literacy volunteer? Or maybe you'd just like to get in touch. 

Application Form to Open a new Nal’ibali Reading Club

If you started a reading club, we would love to know about it. By registering your reading club here, you become part of the Nal’ibali network.  Download our Reading Club Welcome Book here  and  get some reading club resources to get you started!!

If you need assistance with registering your reading club, please contact us here .


If you don't have an RSA ID, please enter birthday yymmdd plus seven zeros, eg: 7212090000000

Please use format 0823334444 (no spaces)

Please use format 0823334444 (no spaces)

Please make sure that there are no blank spaces in your email address, or at the end of your email address

Type "Individual" if you are not linked to a particular organisation, or type the name of your organisation

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We recommend to have one adult per 15 learners as a guide

Please tell us about the type of venue that you meet in.

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Our supplements are bi-lingual, English + another language. Please select the additional language from this list

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If you asked for Supplements or for a Reading Club Journey Pack, please select your nearest Post Office. If you do not have a functional Post Office available to you, you may select a nearby school, for delivery.
Post offices shown are based on your province and city selected.

Child Protection Policy

Children have the following rights: to learn; to have fun; not to be hurt; to be protected from physical, sexual and emotional harm; to speak and be taken seriously; to be treated equally no matter their race, gender, language, religion or other element of diversity; to privacy; to be protected from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs; and to proper care. Leaders who interact with children should not: spend excessive time with a child/children away from others; take a child/children to your home where they will be alone with you for no particular reason; hit or physically assault/abuse a child; act in ways that may be abusive; place a child/children in a situation of risk or potential risk; use language, make suggestions or offer advice that is inappropriate or abusive (e.g. swearing at a child); act or dress in a way that is inappropriate or sexually provocative; condone behaviour of children that is illegal, unsafe or abusive; take photographs or children or place them on social media without written permission of the child’s parent or legal guardian; or discriminate against, exclude or favour particular children. All adults who interact with children as part of Nal’ibali should uphold and promote child protection and children’s rights at all times.
Data Privacy Policy

From time to time, Nal’ibali may wish to share your contact details to connect you with other FUNda Leaders working in your area, to distribute reading materials to registered reading clubs, or to conduct research to improve how Nal’ibali works. We will not use or share your information for any other purpose.

Protection of Personal Information

All Personal Information (name, surname, etc.) that we collect on this form will be processed and held in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act, your rights thereunder as well as our Protection of Personal Information Policy. By completing this form, you consent to us processing your Personal Information.