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The Dirt Monster

Every morning, Siraaj’s father drives a truck. It is not an ordinary truck because it squirts water and has big, round brushes at the bottom near the wheels. Siraaj’s father says it is a big dirt monster that eats up the rubbish people leave behind in the streets and washes and scrubs the streets too! He says it is a good monster because it only catches rubbish and dirt and without it we’d be in a lot of trouble!

Siraaj’s father often tells a story about one day when the good dirt monster was sick and had to go to the garage for repairs. That morning he had woken up, got dressed for work, had his breakfast and started his long walk to work by 5am. As he was walking to work, Siraaj’s father noticed something which told him that today was going to be different to all the other work days. He saw…