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Read and write with children

How to not discourage your child from reading

As parents we do whatever we can to encourage our children to read. But sometimes, without realising it, we also do things that stand in the way of our children becoming readers. Here are some of the ways in which we may sometimes discourage our children from reading without realising it, as well as suggestions of what to do instead!

Getting kids excited about books and reading

Have you heard the saying “practice makes perfect”? Well, this certainly is true for reading! Children who are read to and who read for pleasure themselves, get better at reading and want to read. Unfortunately the opposite is also true: children who are not read to or who read very little themselves, usually avoid reading where they can and so they struggle with it.

Holiday reading & writing activities

Here are 30 fun ideas that incorporate reading and writing to ke

Encouraging your child to read and write

What we believe our children can do and achieve, influences what they see as possible for themselves. When you believe that your children will succeed at reading and writing, and you let them know this, you help them to see that this goal is within their reach. And, as you take the time to read and write with them, they experience the ways in which reading and writing can be satisfying and useful.

How children learn to read and write

When adults write, we do so for a real reason: to write a shopping list, to leave a note for someone, to fil

How to read aloud to a child

Reading aloud to children stimulates their imagination and curiosity and develops their language and knowledge as they experience the pleasure of stories.  But reading aloud – whether it is to your own children or a group of children in your class or at a reading club – is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Here are 10 tips to help you:

1. Choose books to read that you enjoy but also ones that match your children’s changing interests.

2. Reading aloud is always a performance! Put lots of expression in your voice to create the mood!

How to get reading with your child

“Read this to me, please!” are the words we all love to hear from our children because they mean that they are interested in stories and books, and are on their way to becoming

Eight ways to share the power of reading with your children

literacy-day-Mme-Afrika-col-flatSharing books with your children gives you the opportunity to build a strong and loving bond with them while also helping to develop

Eight great holiday reading activities for kids

The holidays are upon us and it’s the perfect time to kick back, relax, and share a little bonding time. Vacations should be focussed entirely on family, friends and kids. And we know that getting children to read during holidays can be a challenge.

The trick is simple: Make reading a treat, not a chore.

Five easy tips to help get your child writing

Child drawing in a book on children's dayHave you noticed how young children seem to learn without very much effort at all?