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Too loud!

One weekend, Thandi and Zulfah found a cone that had been made from old cardboard. Thandi looked through one end and Zulfah looked through the other. They saw each other’s eyes! Next they decided to sing through the cone at the same time but their sounds crashed together!

‘First let me sing into your ear, then you can sing into mine,’ said Thandi. Zulfah put the cone to her ear and Thandi started to sing!

‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star,’ sang Thandi loudly.

A BIG blast of sound went straight into Zulfah’s ear. It was so loud that it hurt.

‘Ow, Thandi that was really sore!’ said Zulfah holding her ear and feeling cross.

‘Sorry,’ said Thandi.

‘I’m going to tell my mother that you hurt me,’ said Zulfah as she stomped off…