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A special day

Thandi woke up feeling very excited. It was her birthday and she was NOT seven anymore!

“I’m eight years old, I’m eight years old, I’m eight years old today,” she sang to herself. Eight sounded so much older that seven. Seven-year-olds couldn’t do what eight-year-olds could. Her mom had said that she could stay up to eight o’ clock when she was eight!

Just then Thandi’s mom came into the bedroom and gave Thandi a BIG hug.

“Look, here is post for you!” she said waving the envelope in her hand.

Now Thandi felt really grown up! Thandi opened the pretty, blue envelope carefully. Inside was a birthday card with a picture of a cute puppy on it.

“Happy Birthday to a wonderful eight year old,” read Thandi. It was a birthday wish from Auntie Babazile in Swaziland.

“Oh, Thandi, I can’t believe my baby is eight already! It seems like only yesterday that you were born!” said Thandi’s mom.

“Mommy, Mommy, please tell me about when I was born,” begged Thandi. “I LOVE that story!”

“Well, it’s a true story, and one of my favourite ones too,” said her mother. “Okay, let me start at the beginning. It was a cold, winter’s evening at about six when I…”