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The giant cabbage

One day Zinthle’s granny sat and watched Zinthle picking tomatoes in their garden.

‘Here, Granny, taste this,’ said Zinthle handing her grandmother a round, red tomato. “I grew it myself!”

‘Thank you, Zinthle, you really have green fingers,’ said Granny.

Zinthle laughed. ‘I don’t think so, Granny. I just use Uncle Lazola’s growing recipe.’

‘Oh yes,’ said Granny. ‘Your uncle is very proud of his recipe! Have I ever told you the story of Uncle Lazola’s giant cabbage?’

‘No,’ answered Zinthle. ‘Can you tell me now?’

‘Alright,’ replied Granny. ‘One Saturday morning Uncle Lazola bought a packet of cabbage seeds…’