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A year of making impact and success for Nal’ibali

A year of making impact and success for Nal’ibali 

The Nal'ibali Trust is built on simple logic:  that a well-established culture of reading can be a real game-changer for education in South Africa. The campaign was started in 2012 and this year we celebrated five years – a full five years of empowering young minds through storytelling and reading.

Since our launch in 2012, we have solidly positioned ourselves as a thought and action leader for children’s literacy development. 

The success we have reached thus far, wouldn’t have been possible without our on-the-ground teams. These teams help co-ordinate our reading clubs , hand out our supplements and help equip community members through training.

Through team work, we touched lives and got communities reading. To date, we have spread the power of stories and reading nationwide. 

Our Reach this year:
-          World Read Aloud Day = 719 627 people reached
-          Story Bosso = 5 997 entries at 9 October
-          Other events/activations = 152 000 people reached 
-          Training = 4 124 people 
-          Reading club members = 60 700 children reached

Thank you to everyone in the Nal’ibali network, from community members to librarians, from parents to our organisational partners, who have worked with us tirelessly throughout the year to spread the message of reading for enjoyment and empowerment. 

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