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Xhosa is born

Tip, Tap, Tip, Tap… the rain has come…

men, women, children and the gods have sung

of a culture strong

as ten thousand lions, rich as fields of gold

glorified as kings and queens…


as the kraal full of white, thick cattle nourish the nation

God watching over creation

Xhosa was born…


As queens give birth to princelings who will rule

amongst circles of hungry congress men

quivering and drooling over these treasures

Xhosa was born…


Old mothers sitting around camp fires

recalling folk tales to the young

women ululate to chiefs with drum tongues

Xhosa was born…


As the golden rooster crows for all to wake

And the eagle eyes its prey for the take

Xhosa was born…


The luminous  sun as his crown

the powerful and mysterious moon as his gaze

blue black skies are his skin

pure rivers and streams, cracking the earth

with  stomping  feet

and  booming voice,

a thousand warriors witnessed:

Xhosa being born


Vibrating with multi coloured beads,

doeks and umbaqco, honouring his birth

Xhosa is born


Praise songs echoing over fields

Capa capa






It is said on this day

Xhosa was born.