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Started from the bottom

There was once a little girl named Zithande, she lived in a two room shack with her family. Both her parents were unemployed but they sometimes get piece jobs just to be able to put food on the table. Zithande is the first born of 3 children, she's in Grade 6 and her little siblings are in Grade 2. One morning in class, some classmates teased her about her home situation, Zithande was very hurt inside but she decided not to take serious notice of what her classmates just said. When she got home, her mom noticed that something is not right with Zithande, she leans towards her and start a conversation, what is wrong my child ? Zee ( as her mother calls her), nothing's wrong mama, she answered. Zithande my child, I can see something's bothering you, said the mother, I am broken inside mama, the kids at school are making fun of our situation, Im always a laughing stock during free periods (sobbing), what is it that I hacve done to deserve this kind of life ? "My child, this is not your fault, you did'nt ask to be brought here but because it is all Gods plan, we must rejoice, you might think your situation is worse, there are thousands of children who wishes to have a roof to love under, all Im trying to say my child, do not be ashamed of where you live, just be thankful and work your way up academically so that you can change our present situation". Zithande went to her bed, thinking abput everything her mother td her. Next morning, at school, the Life Skills teacher asked them to prepare for an Oral presentation, all Zithande could think of was her mother's words. The first leaener went in front and presented the oral, hands were clapped. The one who teased Zithande sent second,she was shaking and stuttering until the teacher asked her to sit down. Zithande went in front and greeted everyone,.the very same one who was told to sit down sighed "heeeee" with her crew, but Zithande did'nt entertain them. She started her presentation, "My name is Zithande, and that's where my topic will revolve around today, my name means "love yourself", sometimes we dont chose the life we live, our situations are diffetent, whether you rich or poor, that does'nt make you any less of a person, people might say all bad things about your situation, as much as that hurts, sometimes you need to look beyond your circumstances and strive to only be the best. Even the ones who mistreated you will end up needing you the next morning, just because you have evetything does'nt mean you should make others feel inferior, this hit a nerve to that girl who used to tease Zithande as she shed a tear while Zithande was speaking, my last words to you is "my present circumstances and barriers will never determine my future, thank you". The whole class, including the teacher stood up and gave Zithande a round of applause. Ever since then, no one ever teased Zithande. Moral of the story : Sometimes in life, you must look beyond your present barriers and circumstances.