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lions don't laugh

One Saturday in a sunny day in Spring time Louis was going to the zoo for the first time with his mom and dad.When Louis arrived at the zoo he walked around and then he finally stopped in front of a lions cage.One of the lions snarled and yawed so that Louis could see the big teeth and mouth that he had. Louis ran fast as he could to his parents and shouted " I want to go home - I want to go home. " Louis's parents where confused because they thought Louis enjoyed it at the zoo.Louis ran fast and went to the car. He opened the door car and got in and shut the door , but the thing that he forget was to lock the door. The lion escaped at the cage and followed Louis. The lion went to the car and opened the door. When Louis saw the lion he was so scared and shivering he couldn't even talk. The lion said to Louis " don't be scared I just want to be your friend. Louis and the lion started talking with each other and loughing together. When Louis told the lion to go back to it's cage, the lion said "No!" So Louis became real friends and they bought the lion home and lived happily ever after