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Dandelion's little garden

Dandelion’s Little Garden Dandelion was just a little girl who admired the beauty and nature of flowers, but who could blame her, she got it from her mother Mrs Kunene who was a florist. Dandelion had a small little garden at home in backyard of their house which was colourful like a rainbow, bright and filled with every flower you can think of. From purple violets, orchids and yellow sunflowers to lilies; you name it. She was pretty like a golden yellow flower called a dandelion that is where she got her name from. She believed every different flower was unique and had its own meaning, like the flower called bird of paradise meaning joyfulness that is on our South African 50cents coin, sunflowers meaning pure thoughts and amaryllis which it meaning is splendid beauty. Sometimes she would go to her garden when she’s sad to make herself feel better, she would sing there and dance. She had a friend in her flowers that listens only and moves to and fro but never respond. Once on a beautiful spring morning, the birds were up singing in trees, the sun was shining bright up in the blue sky. Dandelion woke up and went to water her flowers as usual, she was happy some of her small flowers were blooming. She ran off to tell her mother with a smile beaming from ear to ear “mama the flowers that we sow last month are blooming”, “I’m proud so of you my little florist” replying Mrs Kunene. * * * Unexpectedly later in that afternoon the clouds started to become a bit darker and gathered, Dandelion heard a loud noise “boom” of a thunderstorm when she looked outside they were big dark clouds in the sky followed by a heavy rain, then suddenly she saw small frozen pieces of ice falling from the sky, “oh my it’s a hail” she thought to herself. The only thing she could think of was her flowers outside in the garden then afterwards it started to rain, the rain was a bit harsh and raining so hard. After a while the storm stopped and the dark clouds were gone. The first thing she did was going to her garden and ran outside from the house to her flowers, and the first glimpse of her garden was heart breaking, some of her flowers were ruined including the ones that just bloomed few days ago and some were not that bad but still she was really sad. She went inside the house to tell her mother with a sad face. “Mama… telling her mother what she just saw with tears rolling down her eye… my garden is ruined my flowers are destroyed”. Mrs Kunene replied “I’m so sorry my dear but we can fix it, we will pull out the ones that are ruined and plant new flowers, because its spring your flowers can still blossom, to be on a safer side, I will ask your grandfather to make you a bird net or woven net in case if the storm comes again, in that way your flowers will be protected, which it can be hold little above the flowers and making sure it will not fly away with wind sweetheart” that made Dandelion feel much better. On the next day in the morning it was a gardening day for Dandelion and her mother, a lot had to be done, within no time they pull out all destroyed flowers with small shovel and started planting with new ones. Dandelion’s grandfather helped too by making a woven net for the garden. They all worked so hard and everything was success. All of these made Dandelion happy. The end “For my little rock of ages Lidwala, my brother and my family.” Nondumiso Lamula 0794233597 ndumylamula@gmail.com Pietermaritzburg (Elandskop)