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The Cat and Mouse

One day mouse she want the nuts but cat have a nuts. Mouse she go around the world she try to find the nuts. But cat she want to eat mouse because cat was think that if i can eat mouse or i can tell mouse if she want nuts go an find the meat that i can eat. Mouse the time the tummy was empty an she was sick about food so she go to cat an ask some nuts. But she was scared of cat. The cat close the door an come out. She look mouse is coming.

Mouse was very clever in her mind so she think that the point if she dont get that meat. She going to broke the door. Cat say to mouse go an find some meat to eat i will give you the nuts. Because mouse she is clever she say give me the nuts i want to eat because i cant find the meat with the empty tummy.ok i give you half of nuts to eat and go to find the meat an bring to me that meat i want to eat now okay. Mouse say yes yes i will do it now dont worry im coming now okay cat. Mouse she start to think if i cant get the meat i will die. Mouse have many ideas because she was eat she start to run and she want to desapear before cat find out what happen about mouse. The following day cat was happy because she will find the meat. She start singing lalalalalalalolololol. I want to visit mouse maybe she have a good news for me. Mmm i cant wait to eat my meat. Cat she was going to see the mouse si cat start to feel dizzy so she start to think what happen about me maybe is sign of i will get the bad news i dnt know.