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Amahle Fani’s Family Story

My Family Story:

Do not cast the trusted ones away for new untested ones

There was once a young boy, whose name was Zuko. Zukho was a child who had no parents. He did not even have a home to live in. Zuko was not studying, because he had no-one to help him. He would live anywhere where he had be summoned.

On one very hot day, whilst this boy was playing near a river, throwing stones in the river he was near, a very popular man from the village came by. This man went by the name of Mr. Tshawe. Mr. Tshawe sympathetically called for the young boy. “Come here boy!” called Mr. Tshawe. Zuko replied by saying, “I am coming sir.”

So, Zuko went over to Mr. Tshawe, who then asked him about his life, of which Zuko started telling him about. Zuko’s life story made Mr. Tshawe feel very sympathetic, and he then took Zuko in, to go and live with him at his house.

As Zuko grew up, he gradually passed his way through school, until he graduated from university. Zuko received a job shortly after his graduation. This was a well-paying job. After Zuko had received his first wages, Mr. Tshawe was very delighted to see his son, Zuko, happy. However, after having received his second wages, Zuko didn’t return home. Months passed by without Zuko having returned back home.

Mr. Tshawe then heard that Zuko was living with his friends at a well-known up-market town, and that he has also taken up drinking. Zuko got fired from work.

He then thought of going back home, since his friends were also turning him away, because he had no money anymore. He had no other choice, but to go back home. When Zuko returned back home, full of remorse, Mr. Tshawe welcomed him back with open and welcoming arms. They then lived happily ever after, as a family, and Zuko returned to work.