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Face to Face Training

Face to Face Training

Module 1:
An introduction to Nal'ibali

This three-hour module introduces you to the Nal’ibali campaign and to the importance of stories and reading for enjoyment for literacy development.

Module 2:
Be a FUNda Leader

This one-day module equips you to be a FUNda Leader. You will explore the role that family and community members play in children’s literacy development, and learn about the benefits of reading for enjoyment, and what motivates children to read.

Module 3:
Run a reading club

This one-day module helps you to take the next steps in deepening your practice. You will learn how to set up, run and sustain a reading club, in different settings.

Module 4:
Iintsana na mabali

Iintsana Namabali helps young children to grow into confident, imaginative and curious learners. It is based on theories, research and experience about how babies and young children learn to think, play, solve problems and use language.


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