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Terms of use

Terms of use

Third-party sites and links

This website includes links to third-party websites, which are controlled and maintained by others. Nal'ibali has no control over the content of these sites. They have been included here for the convenience of users interested in accessing additional information only.

User-generated content and comment

Nal'ibali is not responsible for any content placed on the site by external users. That said, comments posted on the site will be monitored and are subject to removal if defamatory, obscene, threatening, offensive, harmful or objectionable in any way. Nal'ibali reserves the right to delete posts of this nature, as well as those that reveal one's personal information, such as email address and telephone number. Nal’ibali also has the right to review, edit and move any content submitted by users.

Reprint policy

Material on this website may be freely downloaded, shared and reprinted. In fact, we welcome the circulation and sharing of Nal’ibali resources, provided it adheres to the following guidelines:

It is credited to the Nal’ibali initiative, and retains the Nal’ibali logo and web address wherever possible; it is for personal, educational and developmental purposes only; it may not be sold, used or distributed commercially or for a fee.

Personal user information

Nal’ibali.org collects information on the pages accessed or visited by users, as well as information voluntarily submitted by visitors to the site, such as survey information and/or registrations. This information is for monitoring purposes only to help us improve the quality of our site and content. If you supply your email address and other personal details online, you will only be sent the information for which you provided your details, such as newsletter and membership to the Nal’ibali network. You can unsubscribe from receiving Nal’ibali communications at any time.

We will not sell or pass on personal information to any organisation for commercial gain and will not share said information with any party without asking users beforehand.