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International Mother Language Day with Nal'ibali

Are you better at reading in your mother tongue or in English? Let's take a critical look at how we use our mother tongue and if we are doing enough to inspire a love of mother tongue reading amongst our children.

About Nal'ibali

Nal'ibali is a national reading for enjoyment campaign that promotes a culture of reading throughout South African communities.

World Read Aloud Day 2018

Nal'ibali -Solution lies within us

A recent survey has revealed that 8 in 10 Grade 4 learners in South Africa can't read for meaning. How can we come together as a nation to resolve this problem?

Story Bosso 2017

Mother Tongue Day with Nal'ibali

Nal'ibali and Buhle Ngaba join forces this Women's Day

World Read Aloud Day 2017 with Nal'ibali

FUNda Leader training: Writing

FUNda Leader: Your FIRST training video!

Suzelle DIY on how YOU can become a Story Bosso!

Help children to love reading

Nal’ibali, Celebs and Mother Tongue Day

Nalibali - Be the first 'Story Bosso' Storytelling Competition [Eng - Ngu]

Welcome to Nal'ibali - It starts with a story...

Neo and the Big Wide, World - South African Sign Language (SASL)