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Multilingual stories

Looking for stories to read in a range of African languages and English? Try our growing collection of stories to print out or read aloud. 

Multilingual supplements

Browse our archive of Nal'ibali reading-for-enjoyment supplements available in 10 language combinations. 

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Multilingual rhymes

Being told stories and being read to, leads children to develop the rich storehouse of language, grammar and vocabulary they need when learning to read and write. Try our multilingual stories below or send us your own stories to share with others

Audio stories

Browse our archive of audio stories in partnership with SABC Education to enjoy at home, at school or in your reading club. 

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Browse our archive of audio stories in partnership with SABC Education to enjoy at home, at school or in your reading club.

FunDza teen stories

FunDza's online platform - - gets teens and young adults reading on their phones. Find exciting stories, poems, blogs, plays, essays and more on FunDza!

Or connect with FunDza on WhatsApp - message 'hi' to 0600 54 8676 and then follow the menu prompts to get reading.If you're interested in writing, email your story, essay or poem to, and get published as a Fanz writer on the platform.

Story cards

Grow your children's love of reading by printing out our beautifully illustrated story cards containing traditional and modern stories. 

Story seeds

Do you want to tell your own stories but sometimes find it a bit difficult to get going? Here are some ideas to get you started - available in 6 SA languages. 

Your stories


Nal’ibali is calling on writers to submit neworiginal children’s stories in all South African languages! 

Below are some guidelines on the kind of stories that we are looking for, and how to submit them. 

  1. You may submit as many stories as you want to. 
  2. Your stories need to be enjoyable for children aged between 5 and 8 years. We share these stories on radio, in our story books and newspaper supplements. Nal’ibali aims to grow children’s love of stories,rather than to teach them educational concepts or content they learn at school. We want children to link stories to pleasure! 
  3. Please only submit original stories that have never been published before. 
  4. You must be the copyright holder of any story that you submit. In other words, you need to own all rights to the story. 
  5. You may submit stories in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Xitsonga, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Tshivenda, Ndebele and siSwati. 
  6. If you are submitting a story in a language other than English, please also send a summary of the story in English (maximum 50 to 100 words). Also indicate which language you are writing in. 
  7. Unfortunately, we cannot accept handwritten stories. Each story must be submitted as a separate MS Word document via e-mail. Please remember to include your full name, contact number and a physical address where we can contact you.  
  8. Your stories must be between 775 and 900 words. 
  9. All stories will be translated into the other South African official languages. So, one of the selection criteria is that a story must be equally satisfying to listen to in its original language and in translation. 
  10. You can listen to some of the radio stories from previous seasons here: 
  11. Please submit your stories via email to: 
  12. These stories will be a donation to Nal’ibali, to help children fall in love with stories and promote and elevate all our national languages. You will be acknowledged as the author for the story, whether on radio or print.  

       Please note: All stories submitted via the portal are delivered to the content team. You will be contacted directly once your story is selected for a project.

Thank you, in advance, for your submissions! 


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