Bringing World Book Day to the Free State
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Bringing World Book Day to the Free State

On 25 April 2013 we had an awareness campaign about World Book Day at Rutanang Primary in the Free State. The aim was to create awareness in children about this day and its importance. Together with Nal'ibali Story Sparker Lebohang, it was also an opportunity for us introduce the Nal’ibali reading-for-enjoyment campaign to the children.

The event comprised of three sessions. First we introduced Nal'ibali; then focused on World Book Day; and lastly we played games with the children. Lebo demonstrated how the games are played and we played two games with them. The children were excited to play the games and were so eager to participate - there just wasn't enough time! While we only had a small space to use, we managed this by only taking small groups at a time. We also began talks about starting a new reading club at the school, which is very exciting!

It’s not always easy to get children engaged. They were very excited to see us at first – maybe our Nal’ibali t-shirts sparked their interest! But when we were started talking about World Book Day, they got a little lost. So we got them talking instead - asking them about their favourite books and why celebrating books is important. They actively participated and gave meaningful answers, which showed me they were grasping the concept of how important books are.

To create awareness about Nal’ibali we composed a fun song for the event. It goes like this... We hope you'll pass it along!

Me, Nali’bali and books we are friends x3

We are friends x3

We are friends forever x3

Sithembiso Solomon Nhlapo is the Cluster Mentor for the Free State. Cluster Mentors conduct training, mobilise parental/community involvement, and facilitate mentorship and coaching for Nal'ibali  Story Sparkers, volunteers and Community Action Group members.


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