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Redang is intrasting...

redeng is intrasting it hulps  you to lorn.  I stortd with go, dog, go,

and then I cared on with mor hoda books, now I take books owt of the libery  wich  mens you or a good reda.  my hol Lif

my  mom  has  ben reding to me evan  sans I wos  1. I lict The owl and The poose cat. my mom hato ryd it evre nit. I lict it somuch

and in no time I lont The hol pom  of The owl and The poose cat.

reding is  fun. tri it with your chiljran  let  let  them  red 1 book

evre  day.  red  the  farst  pag  then  let  he  or she red it,  then red the Nexst pag. red evre pag befor your chiyld reds it.

By Tessa Harrison,  7 yers old – not halpt. 

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