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Get Caught Doing What You Like The Most – Reading

In a tree or upside down, alone or with a friend, this year Nal’ibali’s community of readers got caught doing what they enjoy best – reading. Nal’ibali, the nationwide reading-for-enjoyment campaign, recently dared their Literacy Mentors to send us photos of their reading clubs reading in the most unusual way they could think of for the Get Caught Reading challenge. Nal’ibali FUNda Sonke members joined in and sent their Get Caught Reading photos. And the challenge was extended to include Story Powered Schools in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

Among the hundreds of submitted photos, some stood out. Each winner and a few special entrants will receive a mini library bag with 10 children’s books in it.

Here is what some of the Nal’ibali community had to say:

“To me, reading for enjoyment creates a curiosity for reading. When you see a piece of paper lying on the ground, you just want to pick it up and read it, because you enjoy reading. It’s not like you are forced, but reading is a fun thing to do and you’re gaining knowledge in a fun way. Reading for enjoyment can take place anywhere where it’s safe and conducive for children,” said Anele Ramabele, a Literacy Mentor from Motherwell in the Eastern Cape.

Madoda Ndlakuse, a Literacy Mentor from Uitenhage, says the love of reading has changed his life. “Reading is one of the coolest lifestyle choices ever. It is an exciting opportunity to motivate oneself generally and academically. Get a safe space, gather children in your community and start your own reading club. Become a literacy activist and take your reading-promotion game a step further. You will never regret that giant step in making sure that we are a reading nation!”

Elisa Moreki, a Literacy Mentor from Thabong in the Free State, shared her advice for anyone who wants to know more about becoming a literacy activist: “It can only begin with the first step. Take at least 15 minutes and dedicate it to reading any book of your choice for enjoyment. Remember, knowledge can take you anywhere and everywhere with confidence, and that can only be acquired from reading.”

For more information about the Nal’ibali campaign, to sign up to be a FUNda Leader and join the FUNda Sonke Loyalty Programme, or to access children’s stories in a range of South African languages, visit You can also find Nal’ibali on Facebook and Twitter: nalibaliSA.

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