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Share stories with children

Helping children cope by using the power of stories

Have you thought how stories can offer a way of supporting children through some of life’s challenges? As they grow, children are faced with a variety of situations. Some of these may be exciting, like making new friends. But very often they can be difficult and children may need your help.

Why ‘pretend play’ is important for children to learn to read

Have you ever tried to stop children from using their imagination? It’s one of the hardest things in the world to do!

But children are not the only ones that use their imaginations regularly. Adults do too! We use it every time we solve a problem, have an idea, enjoy reading, watch a movie, make plans or understand something from another person’s point of view. If you think about how often we do these things in a week, then you’ll understand why imagination is a key life skill! This is one good reason to encourage your children to use their imagination.

Should my child re-read storybooks?

John Langa Vulindlela RCWhat is the thing you enjoy doing most in your free time? Do you enjoy doing it again and again?

Promoting literacy at home

What do you use reading and writing for? Do you use it mostly at work, to study or perhaps to organise and run your home life? You might even be lucky enough to find some time to relax and read too.