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How to help

There are so many different ways to get involved. Starting or supporting a reading club, helping us to supply reading materials, sharing information about Nal’ibali and why reading and telling stories is a great thing to do with children.

Corporate support

Could you support the printing and distribution of Nal’ibali branded book packs, board books for babies and story starter kits for reading clubs, or sponsor reading-for-enjoyment conferences or training workshops? Perhaps you would consider helping us pay for volunteers to travel to and from reading clubs, a healthy snack for children, or other gifts-in-kind suitable for reading clubs and programmes. Whatever it is, corporate partnerships help us get more and more children reading and writing.

Benefits of corporate sponsorships

  • Address South Africa’s low literacy levels by contributing to a sustainable program that offers all children a better chance to succeed. Help revalue and build on our storytelling heritage and root reading for enjoyment in many languages into daily life in South Africa.
  • Help empower people in South Africa from different walks of life to enhance all children’s potential for learning and future chances of success through stories.
  • Coverage of your involvement and support via PR, print, online and/or social networking platforms that promote the Nal’ibali initiative.

For funding and sponsorship opportunities, please email or