Nomfundo | Nal'ibali


Nomfundo, Ugu, KwaZulu-Natal

Hello! My name is Nomfundo Shazi. I’m a Story Sparker from Ugu District. I would like to share with you my story.

Being a Story Sparker has taught me a lot of things. Before I was introduced to this programme, I didn’t know what it meant to be a Story Sparker. I learnt a lot about this during the training we had. I learnt that I need to be patient with every situation since my work involved working with the community and learners from different backgrounds. I also learnt that I have to love learners and motivate them about the importance of reading and writing.

In my schools, learners are now able to write for themselves. Since this programme is about to come to its conclusion, the schools have started their own programme. As a result, children have started writing their material. A child would write a letter and then read it at the assembly. They have improved a lot, especially in creativity and writing.

Being a Story Sparker is challenging. But through it, I found the true me. I gained a lot because I can now function in a team setting. And if I encounter a challenge, I can communicate with other story sparkers or my Literacy Mentor.

The schools I work with have accepted the programme very well. Even the community has embraced the programme. When people see me with my t-shirt on, they stop me and ask for the caps and t-shirts. Sometimes they ask me to relate a story for them. They tell me that their children tell them that there’s Ms. Nalibali who relates stories to them at school. And so, the community at large enjoys stories and loves the programme.

I’ve also learnt to work with different ages, like kids and community members. I now have different skills in how to deal with children and adults, because they have different attitudes. Because of all this, I enjoy being a Story Sparker.

Children love this programme. When children see me coming through the gate of the school, they leave whatever they are doing and run to me. I noticed that educators were getting jealous. They thought I was there for their job because they would see children were spending a lot of time with me. Even during break time, children would come with their food and sit with me. They would want me to repeat the activity we were doing that morning or during a reading club. And so, learners enjoyed the programme very much.

The last day I was at school, the principals told me that they would ask the department or Nal’ibali to bring back the programme because it was very fruitful for learners.

Hello! My name is Nomfundo Shazi. I’m a Story Sparker from Ugu District. I would like to share with you my story.