Londiwe | Nal'ibali


Londiwe, Ugu, KwaZulu-Natal

My name is Londiwe Dlamini. I want to share my story about the schools that I visited.
So, there are two schools that I noticed that love Nal’ibali. I’ll start with Magaye. When the year started, Magaye didn’t have reading books, so they were so excited to receive the supplements. There was this Grade 3 teacher called Miss Zulu. She had kids that she used to separate because there were kids who knew how to read and some who didn’t. I then suggested that the kids should not be separated; we should combine them all so that we could give all of them the supplements.
As time went on, I think in the space of two weeks, there was a child called Xolisane who didn’t know how to read at all when I got there. After I arrived, Xolisane was now trying to read. Before a month was over, Xolisane knew how to read. And some other stories as well, but the one that stood out for me was that one of Xolisane who now knows how to read.
Then at Khumbuza – it’s also a good school –and what I liked there was it was obvious that the kids loved Nal’ibali because you would find that towards the closing of the programme, the kids would show up with letters that they had written themselves. They were written for me, expressing how they enjoyed the way I taught them. The teachers were jealous because they had never received such letters.
The way we work as Story Sparkers is different from the way the teachers operate, so the kids loved that.
And that has made the kids enjoy reading even more. When they read, they read with an understanding – because when you do something with love, it becomes easy for it sinks into someone’s mind.


My name is Londiwe Dlamini. I want to share my story about the schools that I visited.