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Become a Nal'ibali Partner

Nal’ibali is dedicated to promoting a culture of reading for enjoyment within its respective partner organisations and communities. By becoming a Nal’ibali partner you will be registered as a FUNda Leader, and supported and celebrated throughout your journey. 
As a Nal’ibali partner, you will receive: 
• Three individual modular training sessions over six months with regular support and mentorship
• Partner welcome package including training manuals, t-shirts, training materials, reading materials and various promotional materials
• An appreciation certificate upon completing the six months of Nal’ibali modular training (we don’t wana raise expectations)
• Invitations to participate in flagship events i.e.: WRAD, Story Bosso etc
• Unlimited access to our online multilingual reading resources, audio stories, activity guides and tips
• You will be one of the first to hear our news and to find out about our special competitions and activities, by being part of the broader Nal'ibali community
• You will also get to become part of a larger literacy development community through our social media platforms
To register as a Nal’ibali Partner, send an email to Bonga Magazi -

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