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Activity Sheets

Download and print our activity guides, book logs and reading and writing ideas for your children, classroom or reading club.

Children's literacy rights booklet

Sesotho and English (PDF)

isiXhosa and English (PDF)

isiZulu and English (PDF)

Story Bosso 'How-To' Flyer

English [PDF]

FUNda Leader Kick-Off Kit

English [PDF]

67 Ways to become a FUNda Leader this Mandela Day

English [PDF]

Story Power Pact for parents

Have you thought about including stories and reading in your New Year resolutions? Here are some suggestions to bring home the power of stories in the new year...

English (DOC

Story Power Pact for children

Help the children at your school, reading club, library as well as your own children at home to make stories and reading a part of everyday life with these reading resolutions...

English (DOC

Holiday activity sheets

This holiday, ensure that you bring and keep the power of stories home with these easy and fun holiday reading activities for the whole family!

isiXhosa (PDF
isiZulu (PDF

67 reading and writing ideas for Nelson Mandela Day

Children who are passionate readers today, are tomorrow’s leaders. Try one of these 67 ideas to inspire reading, writing and storytelling - not just on Mandela Day, but every day of the year...

English (PDF

Books I've Read log

The best way to see how much you've progressed is by keeping a record of the books you've read. This inspires and rewards children, motivating them to keep to embrace the power of stories!

English (PDF

Summer Reading Challenge

Take our Summer Reading Challenge - a fun and easy way to keep you and your children reading over the long school holidays!

English (PDF

Story Power Promise: 2016

Download and pledge to these Story Power Promises to make reading and storytelling a part of your family's life in 2016!

English (PDF