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As parents and caregivers, we all dream of success for our children - and storytelling and reading provides one of the ways to help fulfill these dreams. Explore our reading and storytelling section for articles and ideas to encourage a love of reading in your child, and to help keep them hooked!

Tip sheets

Nal’ibali tip sheets are free to use by parents, caregivers, volunteers and community-based organisations to inspire and support reading for enjoyment in children of all ages. 

Multilingual supplement archive

Browse our archive of Nal'ibali reading-for-enjoyment supplements available in 4 language combinations. 

Activity sheets & printables


Download, share or embed any one of our reading and storytelling infographics to your blog, website or Facebook page 


Visit the Nal’ibali Channel on YouTube for even more ideas and examples of how to get children excited about reading and writing in the contexts of their everyday lives.r.

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