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Young SA Authors taking over the world

Young SA Authors taking over the world

South Africa is home to young authors who are changing the game not only locally, but internationally. A reading nation is a winning nation and these young minds are contributing to creating more content for young ones.

Here is a list of the youngest and most impressive writers born and bred in SA. 

  • Michelle Nkamankeng, who in 2016 became the youngest African author. Her achievement ranks her among the top 10 young authors globally. Michelle is the author of Waiting for the Waves. It is the first in a series of books, a story of overcoming fear.


  • Almé Hugo,the young teen was inspired by the love of inventing entertaining stories for her little sister.15-year-old Almé became a finalist in the annual Maskew Miller Longman Literature Awards 2016 for her book, Speurder Nina Lucky, making her the youngest entry .
  • Award winning author and activist ,Stacy Fru published her first book, in 2015 when she was 8-years-old. The book tells the tale of tolerating differences through the title characters.


  • In 2015, Ammaarah Wadee did a school project for a creative writing class it led her to become a published author at 11yrs. Her book A Feather's Tale: An African Feather's Fate, got published after her teacher entered it for a competition.  


  • Andy Petersen  began the initial draft of what would be his first published work, the fantasy novel, Daniel Fox and the Jester’s Legacy. In April 2008 he became a published author at 16.


It is beautiful to watch these young authors make their bit to change the literacy game globally.Its even more impressive that these young authors,call South Africa home.