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There is a time in life when you think you can have it all but as time goes by change takes charge of everything. Once you come across some people in your life, you discover different personalities that makes an impact in you. You see a part of yourself that you did not know you had. It is a time were you get to understand the person inside you. You will be disappointed and be discouraged to a point were you think you will never amount to anything in life. you start being negative and thinking that is attractive because of being proud of it. One thing that you should learn is that people come and go in our daily lives. They will talk all good and bad things about you but do not be afraid because the strong will never be shaken nor stumble and fall. Rise and start to live up to your capacity. Be out of your comfort zone and embrace the inner you. Love yourself and give yourself a chance to experiment new things with your life by owning it. Challenge your mind. Live life to the fullest and reward yourself. Be persistent,not pessimistic as good things come to those who wait. Life can treat you good if you explore new things and you are ready to take calculated risks. Be ready to face the music of life by giving yourself a chance. life is long but short. Do not gamble away your chances as a lost time can never be regained.