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Xhosa is born

Posted on April 12th, 2016
Bonolo Mndila (17) from Westonaria, Gauteng

Tip, Tap, Tip, Tap… the rain has come…

men, women, children and the gods have sung

of a culture strong

as ten thousand lions, rich as fields of gold



Posted on April 12th, 2016
Christina Mokome (17) from Westonaria, Gauteng

Selemo in Setswana

when the bees are buzzing and the grass is green

when trees are in full blooming glory

summer means:

Selemo in Setswana

we celeb

African Renaissance

Posted on April 12th, 2016
Shaun Magowa (Grade 12 learner) from Westonaria, Gauteng

Constantly chasing concepts

foreign to our reality

we allow our minds to be

barren, unable to conceive


with one hand we hold on