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How to play the Hero's board game

This board game will help you create a great story, in a fun and interactive way. By giving your hero a memorable name, or adding a twist to your plot, by the time you’ve finished playing you’ll be a better storyteller than you were before!

Rules of the Game

Follow the path and take turns to tell a story about a hero. This is a game for two to six players. 

Step 1:
Decide which player will start and who will go next until all the players have had a turn. Keep playing in this order for the rest of the game. 

Step 2:
The first player begins building the story at block 1. The second player continues the story at block 2, and so on. 

Step 3:
All the players take turns to follow the blocks on the path. 

Step 4:
Add ONE sentence to the story at each block. 

Step 5: 
When one of the players gets to THE END, your story is complete.

How many children will you play the game with?

Download the Hero's board game

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