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Nal'ibali Holiday Activities

With the festive season upon us, Nal’ibali invites all children, parents and caregivers to be part of our holiday activations. Our skilled storytellers are waiting to welcome you in your area. In keeping with the holiday spirit, each programme session has been designed to get children involved with stories and storytelling in fun and engaging ways.

The holiday programme starts on the 12th December and runs until 22nd December. Please take note of the contact person in your province and reach out to them for further information.


Story Power Activations      
Activation Date  Time  Venue
Clinic story corner 12/12/2017 8am-9am Zone 3, Clinic 
 Mall activation  Mandela Square, Boitumelo 12pm-13pm Mandela Square, Boitumelo
Clinic story corner Levai Mbatha  8am-9am Levai Mbatha 
Clinic story corner and supplement jam Empilisweni Clinic  8am-9am Empilisweni Clinic 
Mall activation at Palm Springs Mall  Palsm spring mall  12pm-13pm Palsm spring mall 
Mall activation at Thabong Mall Sebkeng hostel  12pm-13pm Sebkeng hostel 
Supplement Jam  Orange farm fourway stop 10am-11am Orange farm fourway stop
Supplement Jam  Orange train station  10am-11am Orange train station 


Story Power Activations      
Activation Date  Time  Venue
Supplement street jam 12-Dec-17 12:00 - 14:00 Hammarsdale unit 2
Public storytelling session 13-Dec-17 12:00 - 14:00 Hammarsdale unit 1
Public pop up reading 14-Dec-17 12:00 - 14:00 Bessie Head Library
Creative writing 15-Dec-17 12:00 - 14:00 Mpumalanga Library
Supplement street jam 19-Dec-17 12:00 - 14:00 Hammarsdale unit 4
Supplement street jam 20-Dec-17 12:00 - 14:00 Hammarsdale unit 4
Taxi rank activation 21-Dec-17 12:00 - 14:00 Hammarsdale unit 2
Taxi rank activation 22-Dec-17 12:00 -14:00 Hammarsdale uni



Activation Date  Time  Venue
Pop-up Reading 13-Dec 15h00-17h00 Motherwell
Traffic Book Jams 12&20Dec Between 10h00&16h00 Langa &Humewood
Beach Reading Sessions 11&20Dec 13h30-17h00 KingsBeach
Flashmobs 11&13Dec 10h00-12h00 B/walk&Dsptsc
Old Age Home Visit 12-Dec 10h00-12h00 Zwide
Poetry Circle 18-Dec 12h00-17h00 Motherwell
Share stories 11-Dec 11h00-15h00 Humewood,PE


Story Power Activations      
Malusi Puwe      
Activation Date  Time  Venue
• Clinic activation
• Book jam
• Pop up reading
11-Dec   • Nomangesi Jayiya clinic
• Taxi terminus
• Enkanyisweni library
• Clinic activation
• Book jam
• Pop up reading
12-Dec   • KwaDwesi clinic
• Ziyabuya shopping mall
• KwaDwesi library
• Clinic activation
• Door to door and street activation
• Pop up reading
13-Dec   • Dameni clinic
• Khayelitsha
• Enkanyisweni library


Story Power Activations        
Abongile Davani -EC        
Activation Date  Time  Venue Additional Comments
Hoot for Literacy       LM and Sparkers to organize cudboards to write for support from the passing taxi's , give them stickers, supplements and Nalibali flyers
Story Power Box       Reading Club Activity. Each child was asked to bring shoe box and the were given cut outs and read aloud story collection.Keep editions of supplement for this activity.
Story Exchanges 08-Dec-17 Vulandi     Exchange favourite stories with reading club leaders. 
Pop-up Reading 6-Dec-17      
Door to Door Campaigns 08/12/2017 Vulandi, 21/12/2017     Works in Specific communities
Old Age Home Visit        
Poetry Circle 12/12/2017 Ngadla, 20/12/2017 Ntshingeni       
Supplement Activities 19-Dec-17     Reading Club Activity 



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