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World Read Aloud Day 2019

Reading aloud is one of the most important things a parent or caregiver can do with children. Not only does it build a strong language foundation, it introduces vocabulary and can help develop empathy, curiosity and critical thinking.  

There is a huge potential to turn South Africa's literacy crisis into a powerful tool to tackle poverty and inequality. Education is a powerful weapon, but building blocks like reading and storytelling need to be established.

YOU can make a difference and contribute to a South Africa where children read for enjoyment, meaning and understanding.

Together, we can read to 1 million children!

World Read Aloud Day is on Friday, 01 February 2019. On this day we all have a responsibility to spread the importance and power of reading aloud and sharing stories with children. 

This World Read Aloud Day we're calling on YOU to add your pledge to read aloud to the children in your life. This year's story is "Where are you?" written by Ann Walton. You can download this story in any of South Africa's official languages


WRAD 2019

You've now made your pledge! Who else do you want to pass the challenge on to?

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Click below to download our special story in the language of your choice!