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What is Story Bosso?

Story Bosso is a nationwide storytelling talent search, aimed at reawakening a love of storytelling and reading among South Africans of all ages! You won't believe the ways in which stories can transform societies...

What is a reading club?

Nal’ibali operates in six provinces nationwide, where we host and support reading clubs! Our reading clubs are safe, informal spaces where children can freely arrive to engage with books and stories.

Register your reading club

If you started a reading club, we would love to know about it. By registering you reading club here, you become part of the Nal’ibali network.

Find a reading club near you

If you’d like to join and existing reading club, volunteer at a reading club or support one in any way, you can find out where they are based. 

What is a FUNda leader?

FUNda Leaders are everyday heroes – literacy activists across the country who take time to bring stories and books to children in whatever way they can. They are the foot-soldiers who work to make reading and activism a reality in South Africa! Find out more on how to become a FUNda Leader here...

Become a FUNda Leader

FUNda Leaders are adults who care about and respect children, and want to help children learn and become literate. If YOU are willing to be reading role model in your community, sign up and get Nal’ibali support here...

Meet our FUNda Leaders

Every day heroes across the country are doing amazing work to change the literacy landscape! We profile some of these incredible individuals, hear their story and map their journey to making South Africa a literate nation. Check out these FUNda Leaders here...